The field of Energy Conversion Devices is facing a huge growth thanks to the increasing interest towards renewable energies, due to the need at the worldwide level to reduce carbon emission for energy production. Photovoltaics in particular is a major technology for energy harvesting, to power novel generation of silicon microsystems, systems on chip (SoC) and systems in package (SiP) devices. So far PV for small to medium scale energy production has been sustained at a global political levels by introducing large incentives for private PV system installations sustained by the governments (in Japan, Germany, Spain, US, France, Italy, etc.), to nucleate a large industry and enlarge the acceptance of PV for citizens as a viable way to satisfy their energy needs. But in the long run PV needs to become economically viable (i.e., to reach the “grid-parity”, initially at the retail price and finally at the energy producer costs). To reach such goal, major technology breakthroughs are necessary, and a very large research community is working in this direction. The dominant PV technology is silicon based, and we believe that silicon will remain the dominant material for large scale PV energy production, being non-polluting, easily available, and a very strong covalent material (necessary for PV module reliability). Our work is performed in many cases in strict collaboration with companies but with focus on novel approaches with strong potential for industrial application. The major areas of work at IMM are below reported. Further information on such topics can be reported by directly clicking at the links below.